Man Vs Machines ………………. Who is the Winner????

Mayank Modi
4 min readMay 5, 2021


Man Vs Machines ………………. Who is the Winner????

Remember the ICC World Cup 2019, remember the thrilling and the controversial final between New Zealand and England, wherein, despite of the fact, England stood as the formal winners of the trophy, Kiwis were the emotional winners on all the social networking sites, across the globe,

Remember Mahendra Singh Dhoni, “The ‘Captain’ of Captains– is what defined by Suresh Raina.

The then point of argument of the critics was the inclusion of Mahendra Singh Dhoni in the India Squad for the World Cup 2019. Why was he picked even at the age of 38, when there were other options available in the form of Rishabh Pant and Dinesh Kartik etc….??

Now, consider the plot of a suspense thriller movie wherein, some robbers make a plan to rob a billion-dollar Diamond, kept under a sophisticated and robust security arrangement with electronically-sealed entrance gate, the visitor has to punch in the thumb/palm marks on an electronic keypad; only when the system recognizes the visitor gives the thumbs-up and allows it to open. The caretakers of the Diamond uses digitally-encrypted cards to swipe themselves into and out of the 15-storey building where the said Diamond is placed. CCTVs glare at intruders and guests alike from every nook and corner of the premises — corridors, porches, stairway, elevator.

Despite of all these security arrangements, the one thing, therefore, that seems out of place were the security guards ambling to and fro near the doors, trying hard to appear purposeful amid all the technology-driven impregnability surrounding them.

The big question to be asked now is that, with so much state-of-the-art technology in place to identify intruders and for the security of the diamond, why do you have so many guards deployed??

The simple answer to the above could be” When machines break down, we need humans”.

One who is a cricket follower can relate to this that, during ICC World Cup 2019, Kohli, Rohit and Dhawan were like machines. They scored runs with machine-like consistency and Dhoni wasn’t a machine. He is very human. And when machines fail — which they do a lot — humans are the failsafe as so was Dhoni the “failsafe.” And that is why, MS Dhoni deserved a place in that Indian World Cup Squad.

The chase strategy of the chase master Virat Kohli is quite a contrast to that of Ms Dhoni , while the former relies on the calculation part , and computes where to reach (in terms of runs) at the end of certain overs of play , so that the asking run rate still remain in the control and subsequently paces his innings accordingly, Dhoni on the other hand takes the game to that deep , and then provides the required acceleration at the very last.

Albeit, both strategies are effective, but Kohli’s approach is more of like a machine calculation, while Dhoni’s approach is quite similar to the journey of the satellite, right from its launch to its desired positioning in the space matrix coordinates, where in the satellite remains off track for majority of its journey, and eventually get positioned at the desired space coordinates at the end.

Now let us compare Virat Kohli and MS Dhoni with Mind and Heart. The Mind makes all the calculations before arriving at the solution(s) which though are seldom wrong rationally, while it’s the Heart, who rescues the mind, when these calculations fails.

We all tends to play the strategies of Dhoni (Heart) at the younger ages, i.e. more of a Heart and less of a Mind, which gradually gets transposed with Virat (Mind) dominating the quest with age and maturity.

Albeit, for majority of the occasions a consensus is established between Heart and Mind on almost all, small and important decisions of our life. They would agree from what to have for supper, to vital career making decisions, however, there are far too many instances where the Heart and Mind contradicts on completely different things and for different reasons. The Mind often takes on the role of the logical one, helping you decide if it is a smart choice to do whatever it is you want to do. The Heart on the other hand is often driven by emotions.

So who do we require, Virat Kohli (Mind) or Mahendra Singh Dhoni (Heart) and/or both. Well, it’s a very tricky question and the answer to this is different for different persons for different situations. But one thing is certain, that is to maintain an amiable correlation and balance between Heart and Mind, so that the former may correct the decision of other and vice versa and deplete the entropy of life.

“If Life is a One Day Cricket Match, then both Virat Kohli (the Mind) and Mahendra Singh Dhoni (the Heart) are needed at different stages of the Match/Life as per the demand of the situations, and as cricket is a team game and so his life.

The Take Away:

Life is neither that easy, as turning pages of a book nor that tough, like beating “Thanos” and that is why we the Homo Sapiens, should follow both logic of the Mind and magic of the Heart.




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