Spiritual & Material Adjectives to the Superior Noun — Behavioral Traits of the Human Beings

Spiritual & Material Adjectives to the Superior Noun — Behavioral Traits of the Human Beings

Neural network of the human brain is complicated and so is the understanding of the learning curve of human beings, which is inversely proportional to age.

Infants/children, are quick to learn what they confront, intentionally or accidentally, without making an allowance for the reasons/arguments/justifications/causes and effects behind it, and yes, this learning is spontaneous.

The adult brain however, did not accept anything without a valid reason. Their Neural network compels them to go for the calculative SWOT (Strengths, Weakness, Opportunity and Threats) analysis and the decision to accept/reject is arrived, post making cost benefit analysis of the confronted situations/thoughts.

Now the question is why is it so? Perhaps the bigger question is that, what is wrong in advocating this very theory of the adult brain, to analyze the situation and then to act accordingly? Whether it’s the Heart that drives the emotions of the infants/children and/or Brain takes over Heart with age and maturity.

As we grow up, our adult brain directs us what to learn and accept, which subsequently is based on the pros and cons of the situation and accordingly evaluates its net gains to the individual, his/her friends, relatives, society and nation as a whole, and that net gain is his/her aspiration to add Adjectives before the Noun and that Noun is none other than but the person himself/herself.

There is absolutely nothing wrong in defining the adult brain as Noun, in fact the Superior Noun ,as among all the living creatures ,human beings are the most superior breed under the sky, and hence deserve that accolade of Superior Noun, and to aspire for the prefix/adjectives to that Superior Noun is not wrong either, at all .

Let’s assume an interesting hypothesis, that these adjectives may be segregated into two categories (and this has nothing to do with the English Grammar classifications) :

Spiritual Adjectives: These are those which cannot be quantified viz. Kindness, Honesty, Integrity, Optimism, Audacity, being altruistic and many more of the same nature. One could not quantify them on any scale, even the theory of relativity, disappoints while calculating the amplitude of these Spiritual Adjectives (as there is no absolute Zero here) for two different persons for that matter. Most of the time, they are enormously hard to acquire and display, and could only be achieved by bringing viscosity in our thoughts and thought process, but when they supplement Superior Noun, they fuel nature and humanity.

Material Adjectives: These are those which could be observed and accomplished with more ease, as compared to that of Spiritual Adjectives. Being Rich, famous, powerful etc. falls under this category. Albeit, there is nothing wrong to aspire for and supplement these Material Adjectives before the Superior Noun, provided the same should be accomplished through correct and authentic ways, without harming others. But most (if not all) of the time, Superior Nouns disappoints, while acquiring these Material Adjectives via correct and authentic ways.

“ To every action there is equal and opposite reaction “

If all the living species to resemble stars/planets, then Superior Nouns (Human Beings) are the Sun of that assumed Solar system, around which everything revolves. Curator have weaved it this way,simply for the reason that, the most advanced brain must take the responsibility to maintain the equilibrium of this Solar System, and which could only be maintained, if these Superior Nouns cohesively align themselves for the betterment of the society by exhibiting care , kindness and other traits of the Spiritual Adjectives . Be kind, Honest, altruistic towards the needy, the inferior species, and the nature ,for the simple reason “ To every action there is equal and opposite reaction “ as derived by Isaac Newton .

So what would you like to be called, a Rich, and Famous person or a Rich and famous person, who is kind , honest and altruistic at the same time i.e. A hybridization of both Spiritual and Material Adjective to supplement the Superior Noun.

But do remember ,

“When Money Speaks No one Checks the Grammar”.

Food For Thought……………………

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